These are hard times for many people, so it is a good opportunity to strive to earn from multiple earning streams. Of course, many people are doing this already with a part-time second careers, but what if you could have more fun than working in MacDonald's on the weekend? Hilarious as that might be. Most people have a camera - even a digital camera. I put it like this because you have more control over the photograph with a digital camera, so you have more opportunity of producing the image that you would like and this is important if you would like to sell your work. Pet Portraits: numerous people like to have portraits of their beloved cat or dog. These photos are not difficult to take, because animals are so photogenic. There are several ways you could play this or you could have a number of different choices, all at different rates Option One: six photos of kitty in different situations on a CD Option Two: as over, but with the client's favourite digital image printed out and framed. You should offer a choice of sizes and frames at different prices here. Option Three: as option one, but with an oil painting of the favourite picture again in different sizes and frames You could use a printing service for option two until you can afford to buy your own printer. The oil paintings you can have done in the Far East from photos. Graduation Photographs: are very much appreciated by parents and grandparents and once again, you could offer at least three different alternatives. Graduation photographs are a good idea because not everybody goes to their nearest college or university and parents cannot always be there. Photo Editing: numerous individuals have a digital camera or a cell phone that takes photographs, but not everybody has a computer, or editing software or understands how to use it if they do have it. You could edit, crop, brighten and frame their amateurish photographs and make a lovely CD photo album. You could offer to create several themed photo albums from a jumble of hundreds of photographs that they have collected at random during the year(s). Photo Presents: you could team up with a novelty present store or a personalized gift store and turn people's favourite photos into personalized, novelty presents. Photos, particularly digital photos, can be transferred to almost anything nowadays: coffee mugs, beer mats, coasters, T-shirts, postcards, calendars, pens, ties, you name it. Framed Photographs: places like waiting rooms, front offices, taverns and restaurants like to have tasteful pictures on the wall. You could offer a set of photographs on a theme to each establishment according to what they would like. A construction company might like photographs of the board and of their best jobs (most likely they are still standing). Pub landlords frequently move about a fair bit, so they could have a set of photographs of pubs they have managed. Or a series of photographs of the current pub, with some historical captions. Prized Photos: numerous people with costly possessions like photos of them - a beautiful home, boat, car or model. Go to the local marina, walk down an expensive street or go to an enthusiasts club meeting (go-kart racing, radio controlled models). It is a new way for people to pay the products or service with their mobile devices. Starting from cellphone SMS payment and cellphone WAP payment to recently NFC and remote payment, Mobile Payment becomes mo. Security Loophole In HTC Android Devices How do you feel if a clone of your Android-powered mobile phone is created by mining data from your mobile phone? Not very pleasant to contemplate, Right? A loophole in the latest HTC Android phones can theoretically make this possible. Android Police has. Digital Camera Memory Cards Digital memory cards are a camera's equivalent of a computer's floppy drive except they are static chips with no moving parts. Most digital cameras just have a small amount of internal memory, what is known as RAM on a computer, and this internal memory i. How CCTV connects with an iPhone. Advancements within technology have led to sophisticated capabilities being integrated into modernised camera systems used by home owners, proprietors and government-controlled areas to ensure increased safety measures for properties and society as a whol.