The dial of a clock is usually the first thing to get dirty or discoloured, especially if winding is done by opening a door in the front. A marked improvement can be effected by fixing a new dial made in the manner to be described. First take off the minute hand. Sometimes this is only sprung on and will come away by merely pulling at the centre, but generally it is secured by a, small pin which is easily withdrawn. The removal of the hour-hand will then present no difficulty. The dial will most likely be fixed by screws to the case, or to the frame of the movement, and by unscrewing these it is detached. Place all the screws, the hands etc, in a box or tray for safety while making the new dial. You'll need a sheet of fairly stout, smooth-surfaced Bristol board, (A smooth, heavy pasteboard of fine quality); a bottle of waterproof Indian ink ; an ordinary and an ink compass ; a pair of dividers and a ruling pen. Having pinned the white card to a drawing-board to prevent it shifting, measure carefully with the dividers the diameter of the outer circle of the dial, and with the compass make a similar circle on the card ; next measure the inner circle, on which the graduations are to be inscribed, and transfer this also to the copy. The divisions may now be proceeded with. Rule lightly a vertical line across the diameter of the circle ; this will indicate the six o'clock and twelve o'clock graduations. A second line, also through the centre of the circle, at right angles to the first, divides the dial into four quarters. With the dividers, each quarter is then sub-divided into three equal portions, for the five-minute graduations, and each of the latter into five parts. The dial will then contain sixty divisions. Now measure the respective distances of the top and bottom of the hour figures from the centre of the dial, and with these distances as radii describe two more circles, thus obtaining guide-lines in which to write the figures. With the old dial as a copy, the hours may then be pencilled in, noticing that all the upright strokes radiate from the centre, while the short lines at the top or bottom of each figure are portions of the guide circles. Note that diametrically opposite figures are upside-down as regards each other, and that the " four " is drawn thin. IIII, and not IV. When the whole is neatly inscribed in pencil, the inking over may begin. The two outer circles are first done with the ink compass, then the divisions with the ruling pen, noting that each of these radiates from the centre. Every quarter-hour mark, however, is made thicker and wedge-shaped, while the intermediate five minutes are indicated by dots. The figures are next carefully inked in, first the radiating upright lines, then any cross strokes, and finally the curved lines at top and bottom, doing the latter with the ink compass. The thick strokes may conveniently made by ruling two thin lines the correct distance apart and filling in the middle space with a fine brush. Care must be taken that one part is dry before attempting another. When all is dry, the pencil marks are removed with a rubber, and the size of the dial is ascertained by laying the old one on top of it, marking at the same time the places where holes are required for the hands and winding key. These are cut out with the point of a sharp penknife, an inked circle having first been drawn round them for ornament. The following is a list of every possible cost that you may need to consider if you had a dial-up service. Some of these are not necessary, or may not be a cost for you, so keep thi. 2010 Top 10 Luxury Watches Unveiled In Annual Swiss Watch Shows The annual watch trade shows in Basel and Geneva, Switzerland, didn't disappoint the enthusiasts and jewelry industry waiting too see the latest watch trends unveiled. While some luxury watch brands focused on technological advances, others announced upda. Make Your Own Ben 10 Omnitrix The Omnitrix from the Ben 10 cartoon show is the watch like contraption that Ben cannot remove from his wrist. He uses it to dial up one of a selection of alien alter egos and then slams the dial down when he's in danger to turn into his chosen alien. Eac. 7 Steps To Take Before Moving Your Grandfather Clock Some time or other you will have to move your longcase clock whether it's in the process of moving house or just time to clean behind the case and move it for decorating. A lot of damage can be done by just picking the clock up and moving it in one piece . Breitling Bentley Reviews Breitling watches were the sponsors of the Bentley motor racing team when it won the Le Mans 24 Hour race in 2003. To commemorate this success Breitling has created the Bentley collection. In my opinion there are too many 'special edition' watches but I t.