Historically it has been very difficult to obtain an accurate art reproduction of a painting that you have seen in an art gallery or museum to hang in your home an office. Giclee prints are produced using a very high quality digital image of the original painting. The print is mechanically printed and then may be given a varnish coating by hand for additional texture. All of the inks used to produce giclee prints are of archival quality. Giclees prints can be printed on either canvas or fine art paper, depending on your preference or to reflect the media the original was produced on. Archival means that the materials have been guaranteed by the manufacturers not to deterorirate in normal conditons for 100 years or more. A giclee canvas print is produced mechanically using professional printing equipment and a varnish coating is then often applied by hand, using an artist's brush to give some of the texture of the original painting. So whether you would like a reproduction of a George Stubbs equine painting to hang above your fireplace, a Thomas Hart Benton street scene for your office meeting room or a Monet or Alfred Sisley impressionist landscape for your dining room, then you will be able to find a company to provide you with an accurate reproduction of such painting on canvas. You should expect to pay around $145.00 for a giclee canvas print reproduction that has been stretched over an internal wooden stretcher frame and is ready to frame. Usually your print company will give you the option of receiving your print either with or without a brushstroke varnish coating. Often your print company will advise you to select your print in a size to fit a standard pre-made frame, to avoid requiring a custom-frame to be built to fit the size of the print. If you do not know (or cannot remember) the exact title of the painting then I would suggest typing the artist's name into Google. Using either technique will bring up a list of websites that offer works by that particular artist. - If you would like your print reproduced in any size other than the original size, then before placing the order for your print you should confirm how the company will adjust the print to fit your chosen size. Reputable companies should not just automatically print and ship your order in your chosen size; they should make sure that this size actually works for the original art that you have chosen. The company should have one of their artists contact you if they are concerned about your chosen size and offer suggestions and alternatives if they see any problem. If you are in any doubt, then ask the company to first email you an image of what the final print will look like in the size you have requested. You can then get a good idea of how the proportions of the piece will look in your chosen size. Of course, this is not an issue if you want the exact size of the original. - Check that the company uses only archival inks (these can be aqueous or solvent based) when producing prints. If you are concerned about the environment you might want to check that the company uses only aqueous or eco-solvent inks. -If you intend to buy a frame from the company as well, check that all the frames museum-quality. Frames should be made entirely from solid wood, rather than wood composites, polystyrene, or plastic, and if the frame has a metal finish make sure that true metal leaf is used (as opposed to foil). - Confirm how the company will apply the varnish coating to the canvas print. Planning events can be highly demanding; you not only have to cater towards your own high stan . However, it can come with headaches from going through the daunting list of companies that offer different types of equipments and services. Therefore, it is more convenient to look to th . Basing on the demand of the long durability and reading performance in RFID laundry tags, DAILY RFID has released Durable RFID Laundry Tags to overcom . Putting top-notch video in your production will certainly add value to it. Footage is compatible with video-editing . Different types of books are available in market based on particular theme. Parents can purchase these books for their children so that they can gain their knowledge. They .